Remote Sensing in Ecology and Conservation Blog

Remote Sensing in Ecology and Conservation is a fully open access journal from Wiley and the Zoological Society of London. The journal provides a forum for the rapid publication of peer-reviewed, multidisciplinary research from the interface between remote sensing science and ecology and conservation. The journal defines remote sensing in its broadest sense, including data acquisition by hand-held and fixed ground-based sensors, such as camera traps and acoustic recorders, and sensors on airplanes and satellites. The journal’s intended audience includes ecologists, conservation scientists, policy makers, managers of terrestrial and aquatic systems, remote sensing scientists, and students.

About the blog

The RSEC blog provides a platform for authors to promote their research through written posts, podcasts, images and videos. We welcome posts on all aspects of remote sensing science relevant to ecology and conservation. See here for details on how to submit a post.